Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013!!

Maybe this year I can finally get back into blogging?? Who am I kidding!! I've tried this blog so many times and each time I seem to fall short of keeping it updated. So here is attempt to make a successful blog in 2013!!
As much as I want to write everyday something new for you, I already have my plate full and the year is just starting.
To give you just a glimpse at my 2013 year, I've decided to go ahead and jump into school. I've talked about going to school for probably, oh... 5 or 6 years now. Just now pushed myself hard enough to do it. I start my second week of orientation next week for University of Phoenix of my Associate of Arts degree in Psychology. Anyone that knows me knows how driven I am for that field and how I can't wait to finish my associates and start my bachelors. I will try to keep you updated on how well that goes.
I'm still in full swing at work and love my job! For those who don't know. I'm a store manager at a nifty little place Teachers Tools. It's given me a great opportunity to branch out more of my manager skills I haven't been able to use before. I'm also excited to say that I've had my manager position for a full 6 months now! That even makes me more happy to know that I am doing it right! (At least that's what I am assuming...)

My goal for 2012, I'm proud to say was successfully met! I vowed to give up soda (pop/carbonated beverage/coke, whatever you call it, for me it's soda) and so far I haven't touched the stuff. Whenever Shaun has had a drink that sounded yummy that had soda in it and I tried it, it just didn't have the same appeal or taste to me anymore. It actually was bitter and burned a little bit. To be honest, soda wasn't that hard to give up. 2013 I am looking to conquer bigger battles! As of tomorrow, January 1st through January 31st, I am going meat free. Filling my diet with fruits and vegetables in order to clean out my system and give it a reboot.
Also not letting myself skip any day at the gym. No excuses. Excuses lead to failures. Something I've had to learn big.
The biggest part for all this for me this year, (insert drum roll here) I've vowed myself that 2013 will be my "Lets Kick Junk Food to the Curb" year. Meaning, I'm going to try and attempt this year junk food less. Junk food has always been a stumbling block and weakness of mine. Chips, cookies, ice cream, candy, snack crackers, donuts, cake, slushies, milkshakes, fast food, froyo, and etc. Does this mean I won't have cake for birthdays? No, I will partake in family events and functions, I just won't let myself get so overwhelmed by the food that I over indulge. January will be my hardest month, but I think once I get past this month, it will be a whole lot smoother. As long as I have my key motivators to help me, I know I can accomplish this.

Can I do this all while attempting to blog as well? I can try, at least if you tried you can't say that you never made it past the starting point.

It seems like I may have forgotten something... But at least I have another 365 days to remember it!